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What’s New


Update V1.6 – 10th February 2013

  • Added support for WooCommerce 2.1
  • Added function override checks to sf-woocommerce.php
  • Added Google Font subset support in the Font Theme Options panel
  • Fixed issue with google font weight/style
  • Fixed issue with cart/wishlist on Header 5
  • Fixed issue with cart page, previously did not validate
  • Fixed issue with default product meta
  • Fixed issue with badges not showing
  • Fixed alt 10 text colour
  • Fixed issue with layer slider within posts
  • Fixed issue with product image gap when add to cart caption is hidden
  • Fixed issue with theme options panel not loading correctly
  • Fixed issue where search would show on mobile when disabled


Update V1.55 – 18th January 2013

  • Improved WordPress 3.8 styling, new custom post type icons
  • Fixed WooCommerce badges not showing on fade transition
  • Fixed issue with image banner content on tablet/mobile
  • Fixed ajax-loader.gif URL
  • Fixed issue with products sale display ignoring the category


Update V1.53 – 10th January 2013

  • Added new revolution slider version export
  • Added spanish translation, thanks to miguelsoler
  • Added option to disable the header search
  • Added Xing social icon option
  • Improved checkout page split
  • Improved WooCommerce active check
  • Improved welcome message header to only show when WooCommerce enabled
  • Fixed standard category display issue
  • Fixed issue with carousels, that would cause resize loop
  • Fixed chart scale showing in IE8




Update V1.52 – 18th December 2013

  • Fixed issue with Twitter oAuth
  • Fixed issue with image banner shortcode generator
  • Fixed issue with product thumbnail showing twice on product page




Update V1.51 – 15th December 2013

  • Fixed issue with missing icons after v1.5 update
  • Fixed other minor WordPress 3.8 styling issues




Update V1.5 – 13th December 2013

  • Added brand new image banner shortcodes, with intro animations
  • Added AJAX Search functionality to the header search
  • Added option of changing product image hover transition to fade or slide left
  • Updated Font Awesome to v4.0.3
  • Updated Revslider to v4.1
  • Fixed an issue where the meta on existing posts/pages would not save
  • Fixed other minor styling issues
  • Removed no script tag, not needed anymore




Update V1.4 – 28th November 2013

  • Added text within my orders when there are no orders placed
  • Improved the checkout process, now much slicker & much better UX
  • Improved page builder media uploader to match latest version
  • Improved variation select box styling
  • Improved super search to not require widgets to be in the sidebar
  • Improved wishlist template to add in support for new options in YITH Wishlist
  • Fixed issue when woo commerce not active but super search enabled
  • Fixed shopping bag styling issue on mobile
  • Fixed result count issue
  • Fixed issue with search results page heading background
  • Fixed an issue with image zoom on product variations
  • Fixed issue with description on product pages
  • Fixed an issue with the checkout when register on checkout not enabled
  • Fixed one column footer






Update V1.3 – 9th August 2013

  • Added option to enable product zoom on product pages
  • Added new WooCommerce badge for free products
  • Added View Cart button to added to cart message on mobile devices
  • Added Pinterest share button to post pages
  • Improved mobile product listing styling
  • Fixed issues with standard WooCommerce shortcodes (requires WP 3.6)
  • Fixed minor styling issues
  • Fixed menu issue in Opera browser








Update V1.2 – 28th July 2013

  • Added catalog mode to WooCommerce
  • Added product category options to the product page builder assets
  • Added formatting to product description meta box
  • Added extra meta box for product short description
  • Fixed issue with menu drop downs on iPad
  • Fixed issue with revolution slider page builder asset
  • Fixed general minor WooCommerce issues
  • Fixed minor CSS issues
  • Fixed WooCommerce 1.6 issues
  • Fixed issue with category select on page builder assets
  • Fixed image upload issue
  • Fixed issue with wishlist count in header








Update V1.1 – 12th July 2013

  • Added Parallax Page Builder element (See example below)
  • Added option to disable Super Search globally
  • Added option to enable Page Builder on product pages
  • Added meta boxes to product pages to enable customisation per item
  • Added built-in maintenance mode option
  • Fixed Revolution Slider embed method to throw error where necessary
  • Fixed wish list header dropdown to always show current logged in user’s list
  • Fixed issue with tour page builder asset editor
  • Fixed a few issues with the header overlay set up
  • Fixed issues with meta box fields (select + images)
  • Fixed minor styling issues







Parallax Page Builder Element



1. Select the Parallax Element from the Page Builder.

2. Add your chosen Parallax background image.

3. Update your page to see your Parallax element in action.


Check out an example







Stay tuned for more!